Consumer Questions

Have you recently seen an inquiry on your credit report from The LIG Group?

Our company operates StarPoint Tenant Screening and StarPoint Employment Screening which provide credit data from Trans Union to property managers, individual landlords, and employers for evaluation purposes.

The reason you are seeing our company name listed as an inquiry on your report may be because:

  • You recently applied for a lease with a property management group or individual landlord
  • You have recently started working with a property manager to lease out your own home
  • You recently applied for employment
  • Your current employer is conducting routine screenings

According to the Fair Credit Reporting Act, no entity may access your credit data with out your signed consent. Please contact us immediately if you believe that your credit data was accessed without your consent.

Also according to the Fair Credit Reporting Act, you may request a copy of your credit report from the party you granted access. We will also be happy to supply you with a copy of your report if your request is within 90 days of the date of inquiry.

Contact us at 877-330-2444 or by email at